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Aunt Emmas Story

When I was growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana nothing beat the satisfying crunch of my Aunt Emma’s popcorn. I would hop on my bike, ride over to her house, and invariably find her sitting on her porch with a huge bowl of piping hot, delicious popcorn. We would sit together, enjoying the delicious snack, and watch as the fireflies started to ignite in the wide field before her house. 

One day, she brought me into her kitchen and shared with me some of her super secret recipes. “The trick,” she would say, with a big grin on her face, “is the seasoning.” And Aunt Emma was right. The trick really was in the seasoning.

It is in this spirit of food and family, that we founded Aunt Emma's Popcorn. We hope our snacks put a big, Aunt Emma grin on your face too!

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