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Cheesy Kettle

Sweet and salty Kettle mixed with a delicious coating of mild cheddar cheese makes for a lip-smacking treat.

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Price: $10.00
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Cheesy Kettle

Date Added: by Rachelle
I've had a lot of popcorn I'm my day but this cheesy kettle has been one of my favs. Found Aunt Emmas at a school event and was so glad I can purchase online instead of waiting on another school event.
5 / 5

Cheesy Kettle

Date Added: by Mark
Cheesy Kettle is my favorite out of the bundle we purchased. I think ill try spicy cheese next time since I've been adding tabasco sauce to get that spice. Either way its good.
5 / 5

Cheesy Kettle

Date Added: by Lily
Never been a big fan of Chicago cuz its too sweet but this cheesy kettle, gives me just what I need.
5 / 5

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