• Brown Butter

    Brown Butter

    Rich, buttery, and very satisfying.

    Net weight: 4.5 oz

  • Caramel


    The sweet, buttery crunch of this popcorn is nothing short of addicting.

    Net weight: 12 oz

  • Kettle


    A scrumptious treat of sweet and salty goodness will satisfy all your cravings.

    Net weight: 8.5 oz

  • Cheesy Cheese

    Cheesy Cheese

    A delicious coating of mild cheddar cheese that makes this flavor hard to put down.

    Net weight: 6.5 oz

  • Churro


    A mild, yet delicious cinnamon zest gives the deep, authentic flavor of a classic Churro.

    Net weight: 13 oz

  • Spicy Cheese

    Spicy Cheese

    This zesty popcorn has a nice, little kick of fiery deliciousness.

    Net weight: 6.5 oz

  • Cheesy Caramel

    Cheesy Caramel

    Sweet caramel mixed with a smooth, mild cheddar cheese gives this popcorn a tangy taste that is to die for.

    Net weight: 12 oz

  • Chicago Style

    Chicago Style

    A sweet and savory blend of our cheese and caramel flavors will have you wanting more.

    Net weight: 9 oz

  • Cheesy Kettle

    Cheesy Kettle

    Sweet and salty Kettle mixed with a delicious coating of mild cheddar cheese makes for a lip-smacking treat.

    Net weight: 7.5 oz

  • Chicago Hot

    Chicago Hot

    A sweet and spicy mix of our caramel and spicy cheese flavors that will have your taste buds in a frenzy, in a good way.

    Net weight: 9 oz

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